We are determined to give your business an extraordinary organization.

Velorona is 100% tested and trusted in giving businesses a standard, workable and personalized organization that yields significant results in no time. We help various businesses to improve the productivity and efficiency of their firms by identifying the challenges they encounter on a daily basis and providing solutions to them.


Velorona is your solution for a smooth employee and client management.

You can count on us for the most effective time tracking experience, perfectly scheduled work or assignments, invoices, and a host of other work-efficient activities.


Complete Employee Management

We provide excellent managerial experience for you where we don't only make your employees totally understand your objectives, but we help execute tasks that drive your business to achieve all its goals.


Support a Wide Range of Users

Easily assess the time spent on tasks, projects or client related activities, as well as helping you with automated and manual invoice generators for a stress-free work experience.


Keep Track of All Your Tasks

We help business owners to seamlessly monitor and keep an eye on everything that is going on in their businesses, no matter how big your firm has grown.


Invoice Billing Made Easier Than Ever

We provide perfectly designed templates that are individually tailored for your business, to help you save time, energy and resources.

Choose From Our Plans


For Small Business


  • Manual invoicing
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited work schedule
  • Use own company logo
  • Unlimited admin
  • Copy and paste schedule
  • Unlimited users
  • Notifications for new schedule
  • Unlimited project


For Growing Business

$10 plus




Free Trial for 3 months/No credit card needed

  • Everything from free features
  • Timesheet/ time tracker with approvals
  • Unlimited task manager
  • Auto invoicing from approved timesheet/ time tracker
  • Attachment in timesheet/ time tracker
  • Auto attachment in the invoice

Get more done with minimum effort, only with Velorona.

Complete employee management.

Working with Velorona gives you an easygoing experience where you get great results with little actions. Everything you could ever wish for can be made available by a simple snap of your fingertips. With a stress-free experience, your mind is more relaxed, creative and produces only positive outputs for a better industry.

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We understand your goals, your passion and your vision as a company and we align our experiences and resources with your business for the rebirth you crave for. Our mission is to provide an easygoing but productive business environment where business owners would easily achieve business goals and objectives. All you need is a will and a unique vision for your business. Perfection is possible at Velorona, and your dreams are brought alive in no time.